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When I hear “common sense” my brain automatically translates it as newspeak for “bullshit”.

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Is there any metric towards the goal of ending polio that your efforts impacted in any measurable way?

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I am a software developer interested in such things.

Trust me, this is a far more complex problem than you think. The complexity arises when a component of the system breaks - for example, the fire starts burning too high and your conveyor needs to stop before it catches on fire. And the mechanics of making this happen such that a failure of a component would not cause the failure of the system.

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Amazon has reasonably sparse same or next day delivery schedule, but the second day is covered by standard commercial shippers and that does work in the middle of nowhere.

For example I have a farm 100 miles away from the nearest regional population center, and they deliver to the farm second day.

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Amazon has lower carbon footprint :-).