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Vancouver is a gorgeous airport, especially the international terminal.

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Obviously not OP but JP Getty III was pretty traumatised that he od'd so bad on, methadone and booze I think, that he ended up as a quadrapelgic.

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I wish everyone felt this way.

My dad was adopted and when we found his biological mother, she refused to give us any information about his biological father. Even after my dad passed away, she still wouldn't even tell us his name. She said it was her "adventure" and refused to say more. She's now since passed and I'm in contact with some of my family from that side. They too won't tell me anything about my biological grandmother's family. It's my family too and I feel that me and brother are entitled to that information. They don't need to have a relationship with us but we do deserve to know where we come from. So frustrating.

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Dude, it's been out for a year now.