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As doctors or medical professionals, do you feel excess skin removal should be covered by medical insurance?

often times people who go through extreme weight loss experience a host of psychological or lifestyle challenges due to loose skin. And very few health insurance cover its removal... deeming it cosmetic.

For the woman who lost 140lbs over 9 yrs, did she find herself dealing with loose skin? or did the long period of weight loss help mitigate that?

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Do you feel like you’re equipped to manage your income from adult entertainment? Have any of the people who represent or book gigs for you ever talked to you about financial planning. Retirement. Budgeting or any financial literacy?

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do you find it odd that you refer to yourself as a girl? even when you were 22?

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i used Tax Act for the last 2 yrs. maybe more. this past tax year i did a bit of freelance work in addition to my w2 work. and was able to do schedule C profit/loss stuff to mitigate my 1099 tax load.

was free for federal and state (NY)

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i live in an apt in nyc. i have a cat. I've been fighting bugs (mainly roaches) since the downstairs tenant was evicted (scuttlebutt was ...person was a hoarder)

the building has a sign up sheet for an exterminator.

question i have is, is it safe to have my pet in the home while an exterminator uses ... what i presume are stronger chemicals than i can get at stores ?

if it's not safe... how long should i have my cat stay with my gf ...before. i dunno... risk of my pet being poisoned is gone