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It's pretty funny because people used to get scolded for doing a request for Obama because he'd never do one.

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That link would work if we didn't DDOS the site in the friendliest way possible

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Hi, unfortunately I didn't see this until just now and I understand if you're done answering :)

I was wondering how your speech was in regards to the impediment. The way you write is so captivating (unfortunate subject matter, I'm sure your novels are amazing even without seeing them). To what extent if any you have trouble while speaking casually/without effort?

I've long dealt with suicidal thoughts and in a way this gives me hope that people are truly strong and that I can be that strong. I know you wouldn't want me to feel as if our negative thoughts were a competition of who had it worse based on your other comments, so I truly am just blown away how strong you are.

Have a good day! And the one after that too if you wouldn't mind

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Thanks so much for the reply <3