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Imagine you could administer a truth serum to one person under oath to Congress and ask just one question with no follow-ups.

Which person would you choose? Which question would you ask? And why?

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Thanks, that's a really interesting answer. I might have picked Rod Rosenstein with the question "What did Trump tell you when he said he wanted to you to fire James Comey?"

IMO obstruction of justice is an easier case to prove than collusion, particularly when it extends to the court of public opinion. Most people mistakenly believe that collusion (or more accurately, "conspiracy") only matters if it succeeds in its aims. In truth, the conspiracy is a crime all by itself regardless of the outcome.

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Agree the proof question gets us nowhere — and IMO in the end quite unimportant because our actions are what matter.

Personally, I like this Dalai Lama quote: "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible".

This does not exclude faith, but it also does not require faith or proof. Also, it asks that we focus on our own actions, rather than judging others.

Lastly, it's an easy guideline to remember and a useful test: "is this action I am considering really kind?"

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What's the most important theological insight you've experienced?

Or, if that's too personal to reveal, what impact has that insight had on your progress as a person?

Merry Christmas Eve!

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I'm not against asking the question.

My point is that since it is unanswerable, as a practical matter it's moot. Whether one believes in God or not, in the end it is our actions that matter.

By contrast, the question of whether religion is often used to advance bad intentions is entirely answerable: history tells us that of course it does.

But here again, as a practical matter it's moot. Whether one believes the devil is that the root of evil or humans are, in the end it is our actions that matter.

Part of choosing kindness is to treat people as individuals and not as a representative of a group. I have known amazing human beings who are deeply religious, and amazing human beings who are not religious at all.

I think most people are good. I know all people can be better.