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So I used to work at UPS when I was 19 and they were horrible. No air conditioning. We're working almost 8 hours and we only get a 15 minute break. There was one time that the entire warehouse lost power and we had to wait at the trailers until it could be turned on. No going to the break rooms or to the bathrooms. They took out our 15 minute break because we weren't doing any work during that outage.

Amazon is a million times better than that. There's air conditioning and fans everywhere.

EDIT: Sorry everyone. I had to delete that last portion.

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I walk on average 15 miles a day. I take in a Nike+ watch to keep track of the miles walked ad I believe the most I've walked was 20 miles.

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It's freakin' AMAZING!

Am I doing it right?

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I currently make $12.25 an hour. I also get a shift pay of $0.50 an hour since I work the night shift. When I started at their staffing agency, they started us at $11.00 an hour.

NINJA EDIT: I should also mention that every warehouse vary's depending on their region.

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I've answered /u/scansinboy on the same question. Usually it's the mixture of sex products with children items. The weirdest for me would be the 5 sex toys ranging from black fists and small pink bullets. The last item placed in was the Dora the Explorer backpack.