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sure we do. just have a seat on this black couch and our HR guy will be with you shortly...

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It's entirely possible

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Taking 4-6 grams of red vein kratom (via tea or supplement) could help with the pain management for the moments that such is bothering you, but not to the extent of needing to take a strong painkiller. It's less effective than norco/oxy, but can still offer pain relief more than tylenol/ibuprofen. Pain management is a tough balancing act - wish you the best.

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Came here to hear about his knowledge/understanding/current research on ibogaine treatment!

Also would be curious to see how microdosing (ie sub-threshhold dosages) of cubensis/psilocybin mushrooms affects addiction in the medical literature (if any research is out there)

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Ever play the WC3 Risk Europe custom game before? Pretty fun honestly