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Can you explain a bit what is your job?:

  • what you control and how;

  • what are the dangers - what can happen if you do something wrong etc.;


  • how big is your team & what is the atmosphere on the workplace;

  • what you do in free time;

  • are you familiar with the military circumstances of the missions (i.e. if your ship is sailing somewhere, how much are you informed / how much you try to find out what is happening).

Thanks & good luck!

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We love you. ;)

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with artificial intelligence.

Can you tell us more about what techniques/algorithms are you using? Is it able to "explore"&learn by itself?

What are your thoughts on general AI - i.e. AI that is able to act and adapt in any environment?

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What software do you use on your PC or smartphone to help you perceive? Commercial or not? Are you satisfied? Can you (wildly) imagine something that would help you more?

Good luck, BTW. I admire your stance.