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  1. What was the hardest problem to solve? (that you can write about)

  2. What is the most occurring problem while ISS in space?

  3. If the ISS was to be sent out again, what would you change in it?

  4. How do you deal with bacterial/virus 'goop' that probably builds up through the station?

  5. In the other thread you wrote that in order to ground the station a noble gas is used. How much is expelled per single 'grounding'? (and how much is it of the whole tank 0,01% per minute? per hour?)

Thank you very much!

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1) Why the edit PIVOT TABLE SOURCE window is so small? It cannot be resized in any way, what is very difficult when someone has long paths?

2) Why this window does have some strange edit mode by default? If you press left/right to change path (for example mysource2010 to mysource2019) it does some weird paths. This can be fixed by pressing F2. Why the "F2" behavior is not the default???

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1) Why the EDIT LINKS window is so small? It cannot be resized in any way, so it is very hard to see paths

2) Paths cannot be copied from there.

3) There is a bug in EDIT LINKS window. When you have a file with say 10 other files, click shift to highlight them all + then click the "refresh" button; it only refreshes the first link.

Why this window and many other cannot be resized???

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Are you planning to have any way to control localization? There are lots of those "little" things that you forget, because your development team seems to make wrong assumptions.

1) For example new waterfall chart - shows the "increase", "decrease", "sum" labels. The thing is that if you dont have an English version of Excel, then those labels will be called in local language.

That is a big problem when you work in a corporation where you share your files with people from other countries -> by default (that cannot be changed) the chart shows names in a way they cant understand.

2) Same is for "subtotals" in a pivot table. In English it will be a "subtotal", but in other languages something else.

3) there are also those arcane functions like CELL()

The problem is that it does not have standardized parameters - say numbers; but rather it takes parameters as words. In English version the parameter to see contents is "contents", but in German version the parameter is "inhalt". So a file shared between two users with different language versions will not work. Excel will translate the CELLS function (in English) to ZIELE (in German), but the parameter will be hard coded by user -> and the formula will not work. Who allowed this? Why not numbers as parameters?

Are there any plans to change it?

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In the main ribbon, in the Font menu, there is this button under the font, that allows to set cell border styles. Why does it change randomly all the time? Why cant it remember the last selection? Why cant one set a default for it?

I'd argue that 99% of users would either want "all borders" as a default.

Why does it show "top border yes, other not really" when I open Excel?