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I think it's high as I've read that if you don't return, they will do not so nice things to your family. If you have no family in Korea, then you won't be put into a position where you can travel abroad. It's the leash they keep on you.

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Thank you for your honest answer. I too became very ill and am still recovering now. Awakening can be such a challenging experience, even though it's not enlightenment itself, the journey is to it's realization is so wearing. It's paradoxical in that ultimately there is no illness at all, only the illusion of such. We seem to put our 'self' through the wringer along the way.

I'm still integrating, daily, hourly, even minute by minute, and I am young too, only 37.

Your post inspired me to write of how things are seen now for me which you may find interesting. I also look forward to what I call 'Sign post correction', in that perhaps some of my pointers may be able to be pointing more accurately to the Truth, so any feedback is appreciated but not necessary. My Post is Here.

Much love to you. I have great appreciation for all on the hero's journey.

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I assume you realize all experiences are experiences, and not enlightenment itself.

Have you identified with the backdrop of reality through your practice? Are you still a person experiencing consciousness, or the One experiencing itself as a person?

Do you see your 'self', and everyone else as an aspect of the Self?

I'm wondering if your intense training has gotten 'you' "there". Dis-identification with ego. Seeing that all thoughts are limits and therefor not You, seeing that all experiences are limits and therefor, not You.

In all your intense training, did you make it?

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Wow! I never knew about Tubal Ligation Syndrome. Thank you so much. My wife and I were discussing which one of us will get "fixed", this answers that. It's going to be me.

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Looks like a Vasectomy isn't all rainbows and butterflies either. I've been searching around google and it's scary how many reports there are from men getting PVPS.

Argh. Frustrating.