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From John: 5. Black Christmas, 4. Psycho, 3. Scream, 2. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, 1. Halloween. And I love slashers so much that I put together a TOP 100 list here: https://letterboxd.com/johnlees/list/my-top-100-slashers/detail/

From Adam: Is this the part where I list all 5 of the slasher films I’ve seen? Texas Chainsaw is 1. Friday the 13th 3. Scream? Scream is a slasher John?! Definitely that one is up there. And Psycho?! You can pick Hitchcock?! That one too. Where am I at 4? I don’t know…Ghost?

From SPECIAL GUEST ADRIAN WASSEL, VAULT EDITOR IN CHIEF:HOW am I supposed to limit myself to five. Right now, at this second:
Sleepaway Camp
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
But I want to say X, too.

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From John: My favourite comics! A big question. Honestly, the big Naoki Urasawa trifecta of 20th CENTURY BOYS, MONSTER and PLUTO are all up there, and depending on my mood, I could choose any as my fave.
As for what to expect from horror comedy, my answer would be something that offers some scares AND some laughs. I think it's different from just a horror that has some jokes in it, a horror comedy is generally lighter in tone.

From Adam: Favorite comics currently: Cankor, Matthew Allison. Fuck Off Squad, Baker and Goux. End After End, Andry and Daniel. Went to Edgar Wright and Tim Burton even some Miyazaki for “horror comedy” inspiration

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From John: I'm a fan of Larry Fessenden in anything I've seen him in. I actually did a horror panel with him once at NYCC!

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From Adam: Also Labor Day 4 Guts Parade

Fluffsy the Puppy is a drawing of my dog, so it makes me happy every time I see it.

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From John: Your Poopypants! poster is one of the funniest for me, as for all the wild directions you could have taken that, it's just a guy sitting there with a little smile on his face. And I'm like, "Look at that dirty beast, he just looks like a poopypants!