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No questions, but just wanted to say thanks for making the best show currently on tv!

edit: Actually, one comment: It's great to see the show stay consistently funny/keep evolving & pushing boundaries. I really haven't seen a show stay consistent over its run, which is somewhat surprising. I guess this is more of a comment about the state of tv in general, but whatever.

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Well lets run with that train of thought then. What convinced you that the one source you cite for Roswell incident being a Soviet project was telling the truth, when there was no other source that could (or would) corroborate the story?

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Shit, just as a journalist, Ms. Jacobsen should understand that by default she needs multiple sources. But apparently 'surgically-altered Soviet midget children crashed a UFO' was too good of a crackpot theory sprouted by one person for her to pass up.

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if you're interested in becoming a journalist, Jacobsen's the wrong person to ask.