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varial2 karma

You shouldn't take Groggolog's comment too serious, making a succesfull game nowadays is a lot harder than people can imagine. Hell, even finishing a game is a lot harder than people think. Finishing a game and getting that kind of coverage/stuff is already a an achievement to be proud of (especially when you finish two games).

And I guess managing a company like that must also be really hard for 4 years (managing itself is usually underestimated).

You mentioned that you started this company because you didn't know what to do, so after all this time, do you know what you would like to do (if you cannot continue to do this)?

PS: Most people don't know how much pain and heartbreak is involved with making videogames, how it can wreck you emotionally and make you feel like a complete failure, even though you've done something great. I've been there/more or less still are there :)