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How in the world can the government run a witness protection program and not have a system for giving people in the program identity documents? That blows my mind.

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That is truly awful. I had no idea.

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So, how did you do this? You found a garment factory somewhere, and then what? Do you design the clothes or do you outsource that too? Do you outsource pattern-making? What part do you play in the company yourself?

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So you have a deal with a factory, and you have a guy making the designs, I’m guessing you have a deal with a service that takes his designs and re-works the patterns to make them different sizes, and you are the guy making all the phone calls and doing reddit IMAs.

Does the factory source the fabric or do you source it somewhere else and have it shipped to the factory? What countries is all this happening in? Do the factory and the fabric supplier have people who speak English? How do you deal with the logistics of just communicating with them?

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Oh it’s just t-shirts. That’s a lot easier