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Try crochet or knitting. They are very relaxing for the mind. I crochet and it helps me de stress because all I'm focused on is counting stitches and rows.

Bonus: you end up with something to either keep or give away.

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This is very neat I always thought once you got the bag you had it for life (my moms ex had one).

So once you get the final surgery is it likely you won't have problems in the future? Will you continue to take pills? Do you digest faster now that you have less intestines?

I know what it's like to have something attached to you all the time I have an insulin pump, do you change it daily completely or just dump it out?

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Thanks for answering and sharing. I hope everything goes well for you and you experience a great future :)

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I wish I could remember what he had. He used to tell me he had a farting contest with his cousin and pushed too hard and popped his stuff out his butthole. I laughed.