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In your view, what's the biggest misconception that you feel Westerners have about the situation in Syria right now? I am sure that our media outlets don't tell us the full story, so it would be great to hear the opinions of someone who lives there. Thank you for doing this AMA!

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Are inmates allowed to, for example, celebrate Christmas? Or is it simply another 'normal' day for them?

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Takk for svaret!

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What cchiu23 said - I live in the United Kingdom, and holidays such as Christmas aren't celebrated in prisons. I had a friend who was incarcerated, and he was only allowed to receive christmas cards from friends/family - that was the extent of his celebration that year.

For what it's worth, I think it's a great thing that Norwegian prisoners are allowed these personal freedoms. But I'd definitely not stretch as far as to say it's normal everywhere. :P

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Thank you for the answer :)