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vanguard881520 karma

The digital divide is now more apparent - especially when NBN allowed only 70% of HFC to obtain 250mbps and a smaller percentage to obtain 1gbps. Leaving the rest of the 30% who actually want it, in the dark unless they apply for a technology switch to FTTP.

The question is -

  1. Can ABB influence NBN to convince them to allow remaining customers to obtain these speeds (even if they're not ABB customers?).
  2. And question 2) Will ABB look into applying for a TCP to FTTP on behalf of a customer and letting a customer pay off the TCP over a period of time like they would in a subscription?

vanguard88154 karma

Thanks Phil for the insightful answer! I will definitely be writing a correspondence with my MP about this. It's unfortunate that CVC is the actual barrier for any progression in broadband.