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Of course, but life is scary in general. Most people with the same disability that I have do not live to be my age. The same can be said for someone like Steven Hawking. I am alive and I want to make the world a better place. That's why I want to be the first head transplantation patient and why I develop things like Clever Chair.

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Technically I will only be a head if I go ahead with the transplant. In all seriousness, many people do not understand that my goal is not to be a guinea pig, but instead as a person who supports innovative technology. That is why I am developing Clever Chair and it's why I am supporting research in head transplantation. I want to be the first patient, but only once it is proven as a relatively safe surgery.

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I would like to buy a Ducati motorcycle and go on vacation.

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Are you volunteering?

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I see I now have my very own fan fiction. I love it! Hopefully, I will remain a man when I get the transplant.