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Thanks you for that question, I'm thankful. If you can help some Venezuelan people in your country (if you know some) that's enough, but more than enough would be your prayers. Would you pray for us?

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Working very hard, but now is coming the moment that anything that you do is insufficient. Almost nothing works well. Is it like a nightmare?

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If nothing change this will be like a war (right now is like one but is gonna be worst), the food is very expensive and the people can´t pay the prices, the medicine you have to bring it from another country (imagine the prices)... I prefer the goverment model who allow you to live with the work of your hands and who help the country to grown up, no steals the money of the people.. Am rigth?

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I´m 27 year old. Before Chavez the country was good, opportunities everywhere, the people of venezuela were known to travel a lot and shop, but now that is history (sad).. Chavez and Maduro is the same thing, but with Chavez the oil barrel was 150$ so he had more money (to steal) and the time bomb explote to Maduro goverment. So, are the same?

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I have never voted for this type of policy in my country, if I can escape of this, why would I vote for something like this in another country?