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Absolutely, and they are growing at an extreme rate as well.

I love the idea behind open textbooks for this reason.

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Honestly, when my site doesn't need to exist I will be more than happy. I didn't originally start Textbookly to make money, I created it to provide a service that I really wanted to exist.

I live to Entrepreneur, I'll find a new way :)

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That's a difficult question.

My speculation though is that in the near future, more and more professors will begin adopting textbook free alternatives to teaching classes. I've seen this happening more and more, and from experience nothing is better than hearing "You don't have to buy the textbook if you don't want to" the first day of class.

However I don't think that physical textbooks are going to become obsolete within the next 10 years, but after that the jury is out if they will be necessary anymore.

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Mr Weiner, run for president you literally reinspired me to care about our government again.

A politician with passion is rare to come by these days.

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Well, my site is just plain simple to use. When I first made the site we didn't have as much competition. But honestly, as long as you save money it doesn't matter which you use :).