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I mean so long as we understand there is nuance and that there are actually people out there that believe free speech beyond the limits of being a tool for disgusting people pushing radical beliefs, sure.

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Thanks man, its always nice to hear opinions about NBN from the industry. Work for Telstra for about four years and during that time I hear all sorts of horror stories from our engineers trying to get the local infrastructure to work (Alice Springs).

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Do you believe that the current issues related to mixed technologies (the NT is a mess) can ever be fixed or are we essentially going to have to make the best of a bad situation?

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As someone that has spent a lot of time around organisations that deal with youth rehabilitation a lot of social workers tend to have dogs (and horses) these days that they take with them to work.

What do you think it is about dogs that tends to make people open up or be more empathetic when dealing with dogs?