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Instructions unclear, paying for water instead.

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Not to take away from her looks, but this article with the same photos describes her as 68 as of March 2011.

Also, how much would it suck to be "Rooster" McConaughey?

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Question: I have an astigmatism and pretty good eyesight (-1.75, -2.25). Contacts have NEVER worked for me. They always seem to "fuzz out" or migrate on the eye such that I can never see as well as as i can out my glasses, especially for distance. I use contacts marketed for astigmatism.

Is there a better contact out there, or is this a common problem? Thanks for doing this!

EDIT: Thanks guys! This is great information and I will be following these leads!

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There is a four-time jackpot winning math professor from Texas who has accumulated (at least) $21M in winnings. She is a Stanford PhD in statistics and is accused of gaming (cheating) the lottery in at least one account.


  • Was this a viable system?

  • Can anything be done to re-balance the odds?

  • HAS anything be done to re-balance the odds?

  • If not, are the high-priced scratch-games (or scratch-games generally) the "best game in the house" as far as lotteries go?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

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Wasting his time and -- if he is lucky -- somebody else's money.