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What are the rules you use to determine legitimacy?

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I love fashion and clothing but have no idea what it looks like to be "a designer" - between having an idea for a garment and sending it out to a factory to be produced, what does the process look like? What parts do you do yourself and which get done by others? What software/equipment is used in the process?

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Why are old listed buildings so incredibly constructed? Was it inequality, relative cost of labor/materials, fashions, etc?

Also, what's a good way to learn about the architecture, construction and interior design of old buildings? I love old houses and visiting the ones that are open, but don't really know enough to truly appreciate the craftsmanship at work.

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Print/news media appears to be collapsing (2,500 layoffs in NYC in Q1 2019 alone), but a few premium subscription outlets with a strong voice (NY Times, WaPo, Private Eye, The Economist) are killing it. What do you think that the "secret sauce" is that makes people increasingly willing to pay hundreds of dollars for an Economist sub, and how consciously is that the strategy being planned out there?

Also more generally, what's the Economist office like? Always pictured a lot of Chesterfield couches with places to drink tea and contemplate/phone world leaders from.

PS. Love your work. Long time reader, I'll often skip straight to the back if I need something to ease me into the news-ier parts. Thank you!!