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That's good feedback. Thank you!

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Ozone is produced by a specific energy. You have to ionize O2 and then let it recombine. This happens at a frequency above the one we use (shorter than 240 nm). If you look at the frequency that denatures proteins and DNA, those are good frequencies for denaturing viruses (265-280 nm). For a long time, people did not have the options to select frequencies that LEDs give you. They had to rely on lamps. Now with that selectivity, we can avoid unwanted frequencies and focus on what is needed.

We will put together some references for those interested to review.

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Thanks for engaging. Our product is patent-pending. It is a challenging market but we are getting a ton of interest based on the applicability of the idea and our credibility as a team. We have currently in the process of securing manufacturing capability in order to scale production.

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We would like to use batteries like that and even looked into it. We just could not get the casing manufactured fast enough to help those who want it now. Maybe for a future version.

We have not published our measurements, yet. We are mostly looking to see if people are interested in this. We have measured the UVC, measured the air flow, tested it on ourselves, see several benefits. We expose the air to 272 nm UVC (that detail is is on the page).

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Good questions.

Yes. There are several ways to scale it down. More LED's can help it be smaller, but that makes it more expensive. Also, we can reduce the battery size (reduce the life) or move the battery out of the enclosure. Lastly, there are some ways to scale the pump, but it is too early to confirm something on that front.

We started by helping the people we know. There are technicians that have to quarantine for 3-14 days before they are allowed to do their job at remote sites. They are giving us good feedback. I'd like to help my parents be able to fly safely too, so they are planning to use one to visit me for Thanksgiving. Eventually this or it successor could be useful for almost anyone. We thought about rideshare drivers, theme park workers/attendees, etc.