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English teacher here: perfect English is the clearest giveaway that they aren't native speakers.

Also: am not sober. Did not proofread.

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This was a fantastic answer, and gives good insight as to why the rest of us should worry about "free speech" turning politicians ears.

This is why Comcast writes the rules that regulate cable/internet and the banks write the laws that cover finance. The little people might be able to match their spending if we all grouped together, but none of us would ever get the ear unless we formed our own Pac (which we usually aren't United enough to do).

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The first is the one with the fireworks in my opinion. The second is more of a pop and then a nap.

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"Normal conditions" and "act respectfully" are not the same thing as follow any and all orders in abusive circumstances.

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I have used CBE in the past to overcome various mental/emotional issues. What would you say is one thing that helped you begin processing/dealing with your issue?

Thanks so much for sharing!