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For example: If you are counting sheep, you're hardly using any brain bandwidth. And your mind is free to roam wildly. So it's good to stick with something like breathing exercises.

Please use more analogies with brain bandwidth, that clarifies a lot!

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"deep-pocket inspection" :)

I think the NSA has deep-pocket but without any inspection from the citizen. The ISPs though have deep-packet inspection.

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I discovered that one could learn things pretty well by reading books

Well... that surely helped and I'm neither a psychologist nor a historian but I'm pretty sure during the 1950's most children in the UK didn't have parents who were working in one of the top university in the world, entrepreneur and both authors (bonus ref from stranger in this very AMA). That doesn't remove any merit from the intellectual work done but it's a rather positive environment that even today few 15 years old have.

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As opposed to trusting big tech like Facebook or Google with your personal information?

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I see what you did there blink if you are in trouble!