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I have not.

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This is such a personal thing, but you can look through photo albums together, and tell her stories. Sometimes even bedtime stories of memories can be nice. I do this, and I also use my mother's cookbook a lot, and cook from it to help keep her as a big part of my life. If there was something you used to do with her, or something she loved, it can be a great way to keep her memories as a tradition for your daughter. You can even go through old things together, it can be like exploring for your daughter so she can feel more involved. I hope this helps, and am thinking about you.

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I've asked, but I do not know. He was convicted.

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It was really hard losing my family at once, and very unexpected. I had a lot of support from my extended family, my friends, and my university. I also went to counselling for a long time, which I found really helpful. To be honest, though, I still have moments where it is hard to think about how I don't have my family. I tried very hard to focus on a day at a time and that got me through the first few years.

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I really like goats cheese, but I am not picky about my crackers