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Did you find that you were able to save a lot of money? Or did you find more creative ways to spend?

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My oldest son is the same age as your daughter!

Go the f*ck to sleep matched right up with the stage he was in. I read it and laughed an when I heard Samuel L Jackson read it I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

Ultimately it brought a therapeutic healing. It's almost like parents of these kids just need validation in one form or another that their kid isn't the only one causing trouble!

Well lo and behold we are now in the stage where it's easier to tickle a crocodiles tonsils wearing a steak suit than it is to get him to just sit down and eat! One day he loves chicken nuggets. The next day they are scum and won't touch his plate. Then ten minutes later he wants chicken nuggets.

Then your book comes out and the timing is just perfect.

So I have one question:

Is there a potty training book coming up? Because during a nap my son took off his diaper, pooped on the floor and after stepping in it he waffle marched it all over the carpet in his room. I would love a potty training book.

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I am absolutely and by far not a doctor or even given any authority in the field to give this speculation....

Would it have something to do with the loss of breast tissue linking with estrogen and now having more testosterone?

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This hits the nail right on the head!

I’m a non denominational pastor. Most of the time we spend our time teaching and preaching to those who will listen, and want to listen.

While we would love everyone to just accept Christ on faith, it’s not easy and it’s not practical to everyone.

So for those of you who don’t believe, we still love you! We still pray for you! I’ll give you a ride to work if your car breaks down, I’ll come cook you a meal if you are recovering. I’ll sit with you when you cry and I’ll give you a blanket if you’re cold because that’s just the right thing to do whether or not you believe the same thing as me. Gay, straight, tall short, more skin pigment, less skin pigment... I love you guys. Christmas time and the 364 days in between each round

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Seriously. And make it a north or central location. Holy crayap the accent is thick here.