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Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone? Or Van Damme

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Confronted with news about Ecuador's auctioning off the Amazon, what do you think are practical steps for governments to preserve ecosystems without staying impoverished?

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Hi Jennifer,

I absolutely loved your TED Talk. Opened up my eyes to all the various 'Chinese' food around the world. Do you know about the American Chinese restaurant in Shanghai?(7:40).

Also, are you planning to do more research on other dishes?

Thanks for the AMA. Cheers.

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Which is weird in itself because, while you are able to get Singapore noodles in most Cantonese restaurants, it is rare to find anything sold as 'Singapore noodles' in Singapore. How's that for authentic inauthentic foods :D

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Hi! Love your work. Are there any other game soundtracks/game music composers that you enjoy?