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How many high resolution color cameras do you guys have? During the landing, i noticed that there was one below the rover (as you could see the thrust pushing the dust away) and one above the rover (as you could see the parachutes). I saw the panorama as well, must be a horizontal camera. How many other high res cameras, and at what angles?

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How do you make money to fund all these trips to different countries? How much do you make per year ?

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There are people out there with major depression for many years, with little to no positive benefits from traditional CBT, antidepressants, etc. From my own experience, the only thing that really kinda worked for me is regular exercise, a healthy diet, and sleep cycle. But even that isn't enough. I'm really curious about the benefits of psychedelics on treating depression, apparently shrooms have just been approved, and they're doing testing on LSD/stuff that contains DMT. Where can i go to have clinical trials of these psychedelic drugs for treatment purposes? I've heard Ayahuasca is also useful. Ketamine is also newly popular but im not too sure about trying that out, could be addictive.

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Makes sense

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Based on studies they’re really effective and powerful with longterm effects. Seems appealing. Who do you think psychedelics are for?