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Hi Gordon! I know you really loved the Pho when you were in Vietnam - any secrets/tips for a properly delicious Pho??

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i don't wanna seem like I know more than you, the expert, but to me playing a story driven RPG to have a good time and experience the narrative and playing Counterstrike, where miliseconds and milimeters count, are pretty far apart. Like 2 sides of the same coin, though admittedly still on the same coin. Also, in terms of preparation, nobody really prepares for their run-through of Skyrim, but hundreds of hours have been practiced on multiplayer games to hone the skills and reaction time of many players. This is what to me distinguishes these even further - the multiplayer games have a 'performance' aspect to them, which brings with it the necessity for thorough preparation.

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did you find differences between players of competitive multiplayer games requiring a lot of skill/preparation/ability (counterstrike, broodwar, etc.) compared to players of singleplayer, more story-driven games?

also, do you study older, non-video games? like chess?