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The decision to use both sides of the same sheet was because I had thought a subreddit r/AskMeAnything had existed, and quite frankly, I didn't feel like using a separate sheet was necessary. So to conclude, I kept environmental concerns in mind. Thanks for your question.

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My commitment to building positive relationships with my community! 😄

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On University owned and operated property, Special Constables have police authority and are able to enforce the Criminal Code, Drugs and Controlled Substances Act, Provincial Offences, City of Toronto bylaws and University bylaws.

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Good question. The location of the university being in a busy urban area, sometimes we encounter unique challenges - including interactions with non-community members. Our officers play an important role when addressing these concerns. Also.. having a Special Constable service also serves to alleviate the workload of city police officers. With a dedicated law enforcement team on campus, we can respond more promptly to campus-specific incidents, in turn freeing up city police resources for other areas. I personally believe that our service is crucial for maintaining the safety of our community. Thank you for your question!

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I'd say what makes Special Constables "special" is that our duties are specific only to University owned and operated property.