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I have two little girls, 6 and 3. Oldest has ADHD-c and is currently being seen by a child psychiatrist and a therapist. I feel like we've come a long way in helping her and she starts 1st grade gifted program in just a few weeks.

My question is, how likely is it for my 3yo to also have ADHD? She has some similar frustrating behaviors our oldest had when she was her age (though it appears to be more mild), but we are unable to tell if this is something she picked up from her sister, a stage she's going through, or if this is something we should keep an eye on. On top of that, this one constantly gets random fevers with no other symptoms. We have spoken to her ped and they always say it's fine. But I don't think it is normal to have fever frequently without any specific symptoms of a cold, etc. What is this about?

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Thanks for responding. The dad has ADHD and we have hx of ADHD on both sides of the family. So based on these odds, it seems more likely that her sibling might have it too. She starts preschool this fall and we will have to see how she does.

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I adopted a dog last year that has extreme anxiety from a family member. He was picked up as one of those pandemic dogs and despite trying everything, he decided the dog might be better off with us because he would literally not get out of his bed, eat, etc. He was literally scared of his own shadow. Not sure why or if he was abused.

When we got him, I immediately placed him on Prozac and worked with him. He's come a looooong way, but now finally plays, eats, and is comfortable with my husband (he took forever to like him). He is no longer on meds as he improved so much, but I wonder if I should put him back on it because he's starting to regress. Is this a good idea? Should this be his lifelong thing? We have been desensitizing him and want him to be comfortable. He also has serious stranger danger anxiety with humans but not dogs.

Or is there any CBD oils we should consider? I'm not into this whole thing (I like to follow the science), but I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Anything else we could try other than thundershirts, "calming chews"?

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Hrm, thanks for sharing. I'll keep this in mind. She already has most of her primary teeth, but maybe she has some molars that might be coming in and we missed it.

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Thank you for such a kind post. It means a lot. I had to work my ass off to help my oldest. We got a ton of flack from our families and teachers before the diagnosis when we started asking if her behavior is expected for her age. And I'm so glad to have given her the help and support she has now (though we still continue to get shit from a few people). We also recently caught that she has anxiety and we are helping her with this as well. We also learned that ADHD is comorbid with other disorders and one being what you mentioned. I hate that ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc come with so much stigma and I hope that when the kids are older that it has lessened. I especially feel rage when school teachers aren't as educated when it comes to ADHD (they think it just means being unable to sit still) and she has an IEP, which should have been evident that it is so much more than being fidgety. I'm really grateful that I was already a well practiced advocate and that this is no obstacle when it comes to breaking down any barriers for my daughter.

Thanks for the heads up in the coming years though, I have not looked that far ahead and I will certainly keep this in mind. :)