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I'm heavily involved in the skating world and I remember the buzz around 2010 but then everyone just kind of decided they were just good at acting...but now it's back, apparently? Maybe because Moulin Rouge is so sexual of a free dance.

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How do you deal with the cultural pressures around money? In this part of the world, it is assumed anyone with money should pay for their extended family completely. It is why people in my community rush to purchase things they don't necessarily need--so they don't have to give the money away. How do you deal with this (and other) cultural factors?

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How does it feel to become niche celebrities/heartthrobs for a group of politically aware nerds? Does fame have its downsides, or is it all doodles and blue apron and watches without the middleman? You went from being guys who were more-or-less normal people to filling the Dolby Theater! Related: How do you feel about people describing themselves as a Tommy, Favs, Lovett or Dan? I'm a Miranda, but with some Lovett undertones.

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?