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I’m such a huge chili head and I’m absolutely in love with your sauces! Are you hiring any positions in your logistics department? I would definitely move to Austin to get in with a company I love and with a product I’m passionate about!

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When you have wind coming in at an odd angle like that it puts stress on blades. Any type of unfamiliar vibration from the blades will be transferred into every component in the turbine. Or it could be getting worked on or they could have reached their cap on power production and they didn't need to run a few turbines for the moment. This is likely

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On those particular blades you're seeing, they break up the turbulence or vortex behind the blades as it cuts through wind. It makes it more efficient because it uses less energy to move the blade at the same speed. It's a GE design so you should only see those on their turbines.