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unkn0wn116 karma

I've got a few questions:

  1. Would you say that it is essentially a requirement for local students to interview in order to get in?

  2. How do you see the University expanding in the future? (e.g. internationally, becoming more selective, opening up more residence halls across the river, etc.)

  3. What the hell happened this past year? Were the expected yields miscalculated or something? (for reference, some nontraditional students are gonna have to live in upperclassmen housing because there aren't enough spots in freshman housing) Does the University plan to increase class sizes, and is there a plan to make the university more selective by slightly diminishing class sizes?

  4. (EDIT) Do you think less local students will apply in the future because tuition waivers no longer cover tuition fully (if a parent works as faculty at the University)?