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Back in the loveline days you used to make a point about how people shouldn't be afraid to let everyone know how much they were paid to do a gig. You even read your tax returns on air a few times, showing you were literally a millionaire.

Now that you have your own business partially supported by listeners are you a little more hesitant to share that type of information?

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McDonald's has one of the most consistent anti-GMO record of any major food company. They know that people think of their food as 'fake' and they try to avoid that as much as possible.

They might have bred larger potatoes using conventional methods, but they certainly haven't genetically engineered any.




Also, just think of the logic you are using here. If they already have a patent on the genome (which requires a public filing) why would they work so hard to protect a single potato as IP?

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I’m deeply suspicious of your concept and your ability to pull it off. How are you planning on blurring the images, let alone videos? Your page is totally bereft of technical details on this.

You keep saying that ‘it works like an ad blocker’ but ad blockers don’t work that way for a very good reason. Maintaining a catalog of all images you want to blur or remove is a lot larger of a problem then you may realize.

Also this problem is a lot harder to solve on iOS than a web browser as the iOS content blocking API doesn’t even come close to letting you inspect the actual content on a page. What’s the plan there?

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People get emotional when the justify their purchases. Just look at the way people argue over gaming consoles. Everyone thinks whatever they bought is the best, and everyone who made a different purchase decision must be an idiot. Regardless of the fact that they might like the wii, or the ps3 better than the xbox.

I'm sure there is a great answer out there in the world of behavioral economics as to why people do this. But it's certainly annoying.

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You know I've heard this, and I've also heard they sue the cities that fail to provide adequate protection from the mobs. But I've never seen any evidence of this at all.