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Did you learn to understand any of the chimpanzee calls while you were living with them?

I heard a story on NPR about how different groups of primates that live in the same area can learn to understand and react to the warning calls of other primates, and that even non-primate animals can come to understand and react appropriately to different primate warning calls.

The story I heard was that a researcher was alone in the jungle one day when the group he was studying began to warn about a panther in the area, and he eventually realized that he was being stalked by a panther, and that he was also unconsciously understanding and reacting to the actions of the primates he was studying. It was one of those kinds of stories where you stay in the truck, in the driveway, until you hear the end of the story.

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How fat was the fattest person that you ever saw on a cruise?

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Have your reporters been able to examine any apartment doors in the apartment building to determine how likely it is that the door might have been unlatched? I’ve read that the doors all have automatic closers on them, so they’d be very unlikely to be unlatched, unless there is a problem with an individual door or door frame that would prevent the door from completely closing and latching the lock.