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Mr. Gates,

You've probably heard this a thousand times, but would you consider running for President in 2020?

Yes, you said that you like your current job better, you don't think you'll get elected, and you don't want to go through the awful process of getting nominated. Please hear me out.

You are trying to maximize the good you can do for the world. Your foundation saved, and is saving, countless lives in the poorest places on the planet. This if fantastic work. However while you were saving lives in Africa, things on the home front have deteriorated. America is no longer the beacon of hope it used to be. I came to this country many years ago from a place ruled by a dictator. It is still ruled by a dictator, but if I still lived there, would I move to the USA today? Not so sure.

The States are divided. More divided than they've been any time in the last fifty years. Republicans and Democrats used to be able to work together. They used to come up with hard compromise solutions that nobody was particularly happy about, but everyone could live with. Not anymore. Now it's just about whoever is shouting the loudest. If we look at history, this is similar to 1930s Germany – they too had communists and fascists fighting it out, often in the streets, with no dialogue between factions. We all know what happened next.

This country needs a leader that can unite its people, or things will only escalate until blood is spilled. We need someone who can talk to both sides. Someone who doesn't blame the other, but works with the other. I believe this person is you. You have a sterling reputation, something that nearly every politician lacks. You are a moderate, that is what the country needs now. You might be the only moderate actually electable. And you don't care about power, you don't actually want to be President, which makes you a better candidate than anyone who does.

Mr. Gates, this country needs someone like you to carry this burden. If you want to achieve the maximum good in the world, uniting this nation may be, at this time, more important than your foundation's health programs. Would you consider sacrificing 4 years of your life to try and do it? Yes, it will be terrible. The critics will assault you everywhere you go. You will be attacked by populists both from the Left and the Right. But you will have a chance to restore this country to what it ought to be – the UNITED states. You can prevent the disaster this nation is rapidly sliding towards.

Thank you for reading this. Will you consider running for President in 2020?