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  • Do most people in the audience get your awesome sense of humour? Or do they politely laugh and give you confused looks?

  • Do you find that people you've known before your fame have tried to be more closer to you than they were before? Has this strained any relationships?

  • What is one epiphany/something that was said to you that made you realize "I can maintain my fame and not be remembered as just the guy who once won big at Jeopardy!"?

  • Was money/financial security a big motivator when choosing to do books/talks/promotions for products?

  • Most importantly, next time you're at the studio, could you please request that Sean Connery's voice be used for Watson?

Thanks for your time!

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Just want to say thanks so much, on behalf of students with group projects everywhere. Learning about Google docs made life so much easier.

  • Do you guys work in the main google headquarters?

  • What are your favourite perks from working for google? (free snacks?)

  • What were some notable challenges when designing a concept such as google docs?

Thanks again, have a good one.

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Thanks for this AMA!

Would you be able to list some add-ons that you guys personally favour/find extremely useful?

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Were any criminal charges pressed against the school? Have you kept in contact with anybody else you've met during your time there?

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What was it like being nominated for an Academy Award?