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yep. My sister finally became inspired and motivated and happy in high school when Scully came on the screen. She aspired to to go into pathology immediately, and now is doing great work in cancer research. That role influenced her entire course of life. Being a science-gal suddenly became supercool, a huge confidence boost for schoolkids who got bullied.

Thanks for making Scully so amazing, Gillian! It really touched teenage girls.

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David, I've been following your Core Activation exercises regularly, and I cannot seem to find my Multifidus muscle. It's playing hide and seek it seems, and it's winning from me. I am a beginner to yoga, so my muscle awareness is still in development. It would be really nice to know what the multifidus feels like, so I can recognize it. Are there certain (beginner) asana where this part of the core is actively used and I'm probably not aware that I'm using it?

Fiji, your Beginner Basics in Flow is my favorite lesson! You speak the language my body understands fluently. I can't quite explain it, it's quite astounding how well you get me and I get you. I hope I don't sound like a creep.

Thank you both!

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Thank you!