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Dumb questions but something that I've always wondered about, and you sort of alluded to:

Why do the majority of mormons always seem to outwardly happy?

They're not complete seclusionist, so they must know they're missing out on some good shit, right?

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Thanks for answering. I've never been brave enough to outright ask the mormons i've met.

Do you think this is vastly different from Christianity or other (more casual?) religions? It seems like christians and catholics aren't anywhere close to being as happy. Is it the mormon community?

Is there no desire to you know... commit them cardinal sins of pleasure? Because I think I'd be so miserable in resisting my temptation for caffeine, alcohol, and fornication.

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In article (and in the comments) you noted that you were not able to get a specific manufacturing cost/margin from a manufacturer.

The consultant you worked with gave a profit margin of only a few cents (2 cents). Was there some credible research or a secondary confirmation for this number?

I understand the profit-through-volume concept, but 2 cents sounds like a crazy low margin per unit... especially considering a comparable industry model in razer blades, which maintains far higher profit margins.

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thanks for replying so quickly. 8 percent makes sense, sounds a lot more reasonable framed that way than the 2 cents I had in my head.

If I could pick away a little further:

Is most of that manufacturing cost sunk into the process or the materials?

Is there any indications that diaper manufacturers/designers are throwing in frivolous design details to increase costs/margins? (were older models comparable and lower costs at some point?)

You named BASF specifically as the manufacture of the absorbent polymer. Are the manufacturers captive to them or do they have alternate options?

Thanks again. I don't have any kids nor do I plan on having them any time soon... but I work as an engineer and the process behind this is interesting to me.