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Wow.. What a great point of view.

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Holy shit this is awesome.

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Hi Adam! You directed two of my favorite episodes of Star Trek TNG; Timescape and Rascals. What was it like working with such a wonderful cast? Was it strange to be contributing to something your father worked on famously many years before?

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I must say, when the dust settled in that scene, and the chair was still going.. That was spooky as hell, and yet kind of hilarious at the same time. At least he was comfortable in the end.

The massage to end all massages, lol. If only we could all go out so comfortably.

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Thank you for the response! A lot of people seemed to make their directorial debut via Star Trek only to become great at it afterwards, so it doesn't surprise me that you're also on that list. Good luck with your upcoming documentary, I can't wait to watch it. LLAP