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undercoverCIAnus6 karma

i see you haven't replied to anyone asking about international implications. When 1 country provides UBI and others don't, how the markets would shift their exploitation to focus on easier targets.

I'm in favor of UBI, but i think there must be consideration of how capitalists would answer to the implementation of it.

I wonder if UBI isn't some pie in the sky idea to keep us from pursuing the only real solution to poverty, which would be ending capitalism.

To me UBI seems to presume 2 things: 1. that capitalists aren't intentionally working to keep the poor poor; and 2. that once UBI is up and running, that they won't destroy it.

So, repeating my previous unanswered question, how do you think UBI will work on an international level?

undercoverCIAnus1 karma

do you think an UBI in western countries would negatively affect countries in the global south?

In the sense that with less western workers companies would be inclined to push harder on worker exploitation and resource extraction in countries with a disadvantaged population.

Even with UBI capitalism would still be in a frenzy for the line going up, right?