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What's your experience of the depression and feelings of helplessness that come dealing with foreboding, gloomy, even apocalyptic data and prognosises every day knowing full well that for all your knowledge the politicians and company owners are continuing on and you have no power to stop them? Or is it different for you? I'd like to listen to that.

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What are your plans for the future factoring in climate change? If you're currently doing something in your personal life in response to climate change, what is it?

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At this point the near-term collapse of modern civilization seems inevitable

That's a more or less verbatim quote from "Deep Adaption" you've probably also read. Could you chime in here? What are your thoughts about this apocalyptic prognosis?

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Mentally challenged facepalm. If she's "mentally challenged" then I'm too since I'm also autistic. Don't be so arrogant neurotypical. Being autistic doesn't mean one is mean, hysterical (that words D:) or has personality issues. It's a fully valid type of human brain wiring. It doesn't mean one is stupid. Alot of the innovation, technique, science, art, you name it - Alot of that is the product of great autistic minds. Many revolutionary thinkers all the way up to Albert Einstein himself are regarded to have likely been autistic.

Greta Thunberg is a smart, well-educated and resilient young woman. I hate, hate to see her foresight, responsibility and passion slandered and dragged through the mud by the public. I hate politicians, the very executives and drivers of environmental destruction warmly smiling and clapping at Greta's well-reasoned and carefully composed outcry of indignation. They're supposed to react disapproving. Maybe shocked. I wouldn't mind aggression either. But they treat her opposition like non-existant. They look her right in the eye, clap and smile and simultaneously they're twisting the knife they've already stabbed in our backs. I see it as taunting on the surface , and on a deeper level as a most sly tactic to exhaust, dillute and gaslight Greta and everyone else : us into believing in the fruitfulness of her current activism and through distraction from less high-profile and reaction-oriented activism and finally accepting her as our head and hands. Her into becoming just another of them, the men in the grey suits. So that we shut up and stay sheep again until we've arrived at the slaughter. These are absolutely corrupt, power-hungry, immoral, destructive fucks.

I feel for Greta, people see: young, female and neurodiverse. And while one already gets mainsplainer, adultsplainer and ablesplainer rolling, the combo justifies everyone patronising her, ridiculing and demeaning her persona, ignorantly condemning her contribution to the climate debate without even having to engage her points. No star, politician, lobbyists speaking out on climate change (the large majority of whom aren't scholars on climate science either ) would have to weather such horrifying, detestable derision and aggression.

In my German home not many decades have passed since the first woman parliamentarian in the Bundestag. Videos from the debates show men applauding each other. During the woman parliamentarian's speech the men would sneers and laugh. There was no engagement of her points, no hand claps for her, only disapproval and amusement. Today we're looking back at these times in shame. And I hope I'll live to see the time we're thinking about the discrimination against Gretha the same. A time where there'll finally be equal respect for fellow children, teenagers, (still continuing) women, autistics and other minor and major suppressed groups like blacks, LGBTQ+, the Deaf, the disabled, etc


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We got severe drought here in Germany this and especially the last year - where it was even record breaking. How common are these droughts gonna be here as we hit 2, 3 and 4 degrees?

Also, woods in my region are under severe threat, some even dying off. They're on sandy soil. All due to this weather stress and the induced explosions of pest and disease. I don't know much about weather science at all, but I've read over the last year's scientists have set the rain making ability of the woods higher than decades before to the point that most watervapor brought by the maritime winds only reaches so far inland due to the high water retention and evaporation capacity of the woods. Now you know that ofc, not trying to lecture you about stuff you know, only trying to outline what I'm concerned about so you can tell me how much of that holds up and tell me more how this works and can affect an area in southern Germany.

Thanks so far. First time I actually found an very interesting ama just after the post. I'm sure I'll have more questions to pose. Though for now thats it.