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I can’t help but notice a strange dichotomy in your answer. You note that no one needs therapy, that you tell clients they made a good choice in seeking help but it’s not something they NEED to have to feel better. But your entire answer outside of this was just catered to convincing the person to seek services. I understand that part of that includes their mindset around feeling better, but I’m left wondering what coping skills there are for someone who can’t/won’t seek professional help for reasons beyond their control. What if they want to make changes in their life but their family won’t let them see a therapist? I agree that mindset is important but I’m left wishing you answered the question more directly with actual coping skills for someone who can’t/won’t seek professional help. Perhaps it’s true that these skills are only temporary solutions. But what are some of those temporary solutions? And how can I “give” them to a friend who can’t/won’t seek professional help (beyond just saying “meditation and mindfulness will help!”).

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A new book??? Since when???