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Most of these yachts appear to contain a lot of ‘toys’ for the owners and guests to use - Jetskis, scuba gear etc. Are you permitted to use such equipment during off-time? Is their recreational equipment provided just for crew use? Do you have sufficient personal storage space on board for a bike, fishing, scuba gear of your own?

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How many layers would you need to wear for Sheertex to be bulletproof?

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The whole thing could be called off tomorrow with no legal implications. The peopl's views on Brexit have clearly been listened too by Government, but after fully exploring the possibilities parliament may decide that it is in the best interest of the country that Britain remains a member state of the EU. It is important in this context to remember that the EU refused to explore the possibilities of a future relationship with Britain outside the EU until Artical 50 was triggered and the Withdrawal agreement reached. We had to get this far to have any real idea what a Brexit future might look like - in that sense, the referendum was more akin to asking the public if Parliament should bother to see where negotiations might end up, more so than an an actual call by the public to leave or remain.

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There isn't a need for a second referendum. The first was not legally binding on parliament,and MPs are elected to parliament to represent the will of the electorate. If those in parliament vote for or agaist the brexit deal championed by Prime Minister May, they are doing so as elected representatives in a democracy.

The media - all media - have really driven the brexit debate, narrowed focus on 'key issues' to the point where The Deal appears to gain Britain nothing but control over immigration, no expense spared.

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Is diving to great depths in these submersibles actually really boring, with only the occasional surprise as something swims into view?