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I won't go into detail unless she wants to, but we are able to have sex in a couple different positions mostly just fine, and both of us enjoy it very much. The only real problems come from me being out of shape and/or me being exhausted when I come home from work. I would say it's a bit more involved physically than sex with a non disabled person because it's more difficult to get into position, but to me it makes it better because it's her, and I want to love her (and do) just the way she is. On days when one of us isn't feeling physically well enough, we have manual or oral sex to make sure we don't get sexually uncomfortable, and so we can stay intimate with each other. Gabrielle can expand on this as much as she wants in her own answer. Just figured I'd chime in.

Edit: Should have known my first gold would be about sex. Thanks mystery person!

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We actually met on Omegle, the text chat part because we were on our phones. Two lonely people weeding out all the camwhore bots trying to find a real person to talk to, and she was actually my first match of the night. We got each other's Kik, then Skype, talked for months and months and after about a year I flew across the country to visit her for the first time. Month later I moved in! Both of our lives have improved greatly since.

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She let me know that something was going on pretty early, first couple days at least. It took some prodding to find out exactly what it was because she was afraid of me running away, but the whole time I was honestly fascinated, and it never crossed my mind to leave. What mattered was that I was happy spending hours and hours a day talking to her.

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Everything that's "just a meme" started from something that wasn't a meme.

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There is an organization called Living the Dream that often brings her to concerts (among many others with wheelchairs) and put her in a position where it's easy for her to see. She also gets to meet the band when she does that! We both met Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, and Dashboard Confessional about a month ago when they stopped by as part of their Taste of Chaos tour.

Other concerts it is sometimes difficult to get a good view, but we manage.