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unbridledirony23 karma

That’s awesome! I’ve planned on being a partial liver donor for a few years but I’m going to wait until I’m older.

Do you worry about permanent effects that could negatively impact your health? Like if (God forbid) something happens that is bad for the kidneys and you are at a disadvantage because you don’t have a backup? Or you aren’t able to filter something in your blood good enough because there’s only one? One of the reasons I want to donate part of my liver is because it will regenerate eventually but I’m interested in hearing your thoughts?

unbridledirony14 karma

Yeah liver donation is about a week in the hospital and I believe up to two months of recovering out of work. I definitely want to wait until I’m done with college to do something like that but I’d like to do it while I’m still pretty young like you. Thanks for answering and I hope your recovery went/ is going well!