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That is a GREAT question. I'm writing it down for Make Me Smart research. (aka Pass to Tony)

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Hahaha ... I thought the same thing.

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I also would like to know the answer to this.

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Ok, I guess it's time.

I thought that someone out there had the plan. Like, I thought there must be someone smarter than me who had a list in their head of all the right things you were supposed to do in life that produced the optimum outcome, and maybe that person would come along and take care of me or at least tell me what to do. And then I realized that nope. No one has a plan, no one can give me all the answers (though some people can give me SOME of the answers), and for the most part, I'm going to have to do things for myself. And at first I resented that, but then eventually I realized it was super freeing, because I'm in charge. Which is just how I like it. :)

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I think it's everything. Actually I want to go back and re-answer my last answer about economic calamity. The thing about wealth inequality is that rich people can't buy ALL THE THINGS IN THE WORLD. Our economy relies on consumption, and if there's no middle class to buy houses and cars and cable subscriptions and cell phones and televisions and organic kale and almond milk, then the whole thing falls apart. My opinion? Economic inequality is the single biggest threat we face as a society that ISN'T climate change.